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Terms of Use of the Site

We know how trust and confidentiality is important to you. While you are using the privilege of, we would like you to remember the information below.

Age Limitation
International internet laws restricts getting information about the people who are younger than 13 years of age. For this reason, we recommend you get your guardian’s approval for the e-mail address you must give in personal information, if you are under 13.

Apart from this, even if you have your guardian’s approval, people who are under 18 cannot shop from

In order to shop you have to create an account in our website. You must create account for benefit from various advantages and perform your later shopping with more speed.
Being a member is so easy and free of charge.

When you visit, some information, which are not personal and general features about your visit, can be stored and saved. Within this information, your visit’s time and duration, the pages that you have looked in the site and the previously visited page can be present. These information is only used for measuring site activity and creating ideas that can improve our site. Apart from this, to your e-mail address and cell phone, messages about discounts and related subjects can be send from time to time to inform you.

The prices and applied terms of sale of the all products, which are offered to sale in, is only valid in reserves the rights of changing the prices, visuals, product features and all information on the site without notice. is not responsible from price and content errors due to typesetting and system. reserves the right of cancelling the orders which their prices are faulty.

When you shop from you accept that this is a shopping for only personal use, not for resale.

Any text or visuals in cannot be used without permission.No material functionality contained in this site may be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form without the prior consent of

The processing date for money order/EFT orders is not the date the order was placed, but the date when the payment was received by our bank accounts.

In case of Money Order/EFT orders, orders that are not paid within 3 days and then not notified to where the transaction is carried out by clicking the "Money Order/EFT" button will be canceled. holds the stocks of all of the hundreds of products it offered for sale. However, for various reasons, it may have been the sale of products ordered which are not in stock. In such cases, the buyer is notified via email or telephone and the entire amount received for the item will be returned to the credit card, if given by credit card, it will be returned to bank account if given by money order/EFT.

You are considered as have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions set forth above when you visit our site or purchase products.

Our aim is to provide you with the best and safest quality service.

Enjoy your shopping.


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