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Frequently Asked Questions

Why members have the pleasure of finding all of their needs in one place. They can find their new season products at, as long as they are on showcase, not with daily or weekly campaigns.

We are saving time for shop around for hours, when we are looking for the most beautiful and affordable outfit, or trying to find suitable accessories for selected outfit.
Because members are able to look detailed photos of products they like with just one click while sipping their coffees.
We can offer fast service to our customers in changing like in shopping because we have the products in our stocks as the same time with the stores. aims to be “Capital of Shopping” with providing maximum customer satisfaction with its exclusive members.

How Can I Become A Member?
In order to become a member you have to click “Be a Member” button in the main page, and then have to fill all the required areas in the opened page. Also you can be our member with your facebook account very fast way.
In order to complete your membership process complete, you should open the e-mail, which has been send to you, subjected “Membership activation code” and should click “Start Shopping” button.
After these processes your membership will be completed.

Do I Have to Pay for Membership?
It is free of charge to become a member in

I Forgot my Password, How can I Learn?
When you click to “Forgot my Password” area in member entry page, your password will be send to your e-mail account.

How can I Change my Password?
After you signed in as member in, you can change your password in the window which will be opened after clicking ‘My Account’ area.

I cannot Add Products to my Shopping Card, What should I Do?
We ask for changing your current browser and then complete your order. (You can try with browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, besides Internet Explorer). If the problem is still continuing you can e-mail about it to address. Our relevant unit will help you after necessary controls.

How can I Pay my Order?
You can complete your orders with cash on delivery (cash - credit card), money order/EFT or credit card.

How can I Demand for Return/Change?
In order to start return process, in your membership account ‘MY ACCOUNT’ and then ‘Support & Message’ button you must click to ‘Create New Support Request’ in the opened screen. When you click send after selecting the product(s) that you want to change or return your request will taken into consideration.

What is Free of Charge Change?
If there is a fault or error in the product that you have purchased because of production, then change will be made free of charge.
For the products, which are used, crushed, worn, dirty, damaged its original product package or labels, or damaged in any way that would prevent its resell, there is no change or return processes.
* Product must be send to us without any change and deformation on it.
* Product must be unused, and there should be no stain, tear, fracture etc. on it.
* Since the day that cargo has arrived to you, there should be no more than thirty (30) days which is the legal return time.

Will I Pay Cargo Fee when I Return my Order?
In return processes you will not pay cargo fee except for the conditions that you return the products which are in more than 50% discount.
You must make your return processes with entering member operation in and then filling the return/change form and the form behind your invoice and then you must send it with UPS CARGO.
In the cancelled orders, the return you will be done with UPS Cargo to us, 8,90 TL cargo fee will be covered by buyer.
Fashion Friends will cover the shipping charge for your returns if only some of more than one (1) products you have purchased is returned or shopping amount is still higher than 100 TL after the return. If your shopping amount is lower than 100 TL after the return, then 8,90 TL cargo fee will be covered by buyer.

In the cases that you return all the products that you have bought, cargo fee will be covered by buyer.

Important Note :
In return process you must send your invoice. In returns without invoice the process will not take place.
In the cases of making return with a cargo firm other than UPS Cargo, the cargo fee will be covered by sender.
If the cargo fee is not paid by the sender and the product is send via another cargo other than UPS Cargo, the cargo will not be accepted and will be send to you again.

Where will I Send the Return?
Return Address: “SNS GİYİM SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş”
Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Mah. Gazi Cad. No:78 PK 34522 Esenyurt / İstanbul

How can I Invite my Friends?
You must click ‘Invite a Friend’ button in your membership account ‘MY ACCOUNT’, and then fill the information that asked about the friend you wanted to invite in the opened screen.

How can I Cancel my Membership?
You can send an e-mail to address with your request of cancelling your membership.

Do You have a Physical Store?
There is a physical store of If you want you can visit our store at the address Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Mah. Gazi Cad. No:78 PK 34522 Esenyurt / İstanbul between the hours 09:00 – 20:00.  

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